Manhattan Beach
Traditional Shotokan Karate


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Join us on New Year's Day 2024 at Noon


Our 15th Annual

New Year's Day Class

108 Tekki Shodans

Noon - 1:30 pm



Going to out of town . . . no problem, practice wherever  you are and send us a pic like you see here. 

On the Ski Slopes
Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada


Here is a video so can practice.
Even if you you don't know it come to class, you'll catch on quick!

Here's a chart you can follow along step by step.

Join us on New Year's Day at Noon - 1:30 pm.

If you can't join us then practice wherever you are. Send us a photo to post.

No excuses not to participate!!!!


 Click the link to
 help fill our photo chart.


If you can't join us then do one wherever you are. Please send us a pic in one of the poses.

Tekki Shodan T-Shirt $25ea

Lyoto Machida




Let us know if you plan to attend.

Last minute welcomed.



A New Year's Challenge


New Year's Day

January 1st, 2021

Open to everyone

Noon - 1:30 pm


* * *


Our 9th Annual 108 Tekki Shodans


Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate-Do

3207 Manhattan Ave 

Hermosa Beach, Ca. 90254

my cell 310 467 4723



Lyoto Machida


108 Tekki Shodans 



A Global Event 

We may not be able to all get together in one location but we can all come together in mind, body and spirit. If you can't come to our event, then please host your own. Host the gathering of bringing together Karatekas, organize a "108 Tekki Shodans" location.

On the first day of the year we will all be doing the same thing. 108 Tekki Shodans to ring in the New Year. The easiest and best day to get the world TOGETHER. Our bodies will all be training the exact same thing. Our minds will be thinking the exact same thoughts. For days after, our bodies will all feel the exact same thing. We will be of "One Mind" united. The effects and benefits will last forever. We can even be of different affiliations or of non at all. You don't even need to belong to a dojo, you can participate in the comfort of your home. Karatekas from around the world together, all at once

the first one was on 1/1/11




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 If you don't have 75 Minutes to do 108 Tekki Sho dans on New Year's Day & Send us a Photo, then. . .

please take 30 seconds and do 1 Tekki Shodan on New Year's Day and send us a Photo.


 Help Us fill up the Photo Chart

Email us and let us know which square you want (we'll put your name on it) then send us your photo to post.



Help Fill our Photo Chart

Reserve your Square.

 Nick Salcedo, Greg, Eliza, Alessandra & Alex

Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate

Manhattan Beach, California USA


11 10 9





Contarelli sensei

Lucky Number 7




at Home Sick









Justo Gomez




How about Lucky Number 13 14 15 16 Who is the First to get this Middle Section? 17


Reserved for Amy







is a Cool Number

22 23



Paul in Finland.

Funikoshi style, on the roof against nature.





Number 35


Your Photo Here












Nelson Carrion




Mammoth Mountain  


38 39




 Master Funakoshi


You Can be Next to Mickey


Micky Mouse Took Square Number



Hermosa Beach, California USA


Last Kiai!





Who Wants the Last Square?47 Shizentai


Chinzo Machida

It's Time for Real Change! It's Time to Get things Going! It's Time to Make Things Happen. If not now then when? Change - To do something different to get a better result. To keep the things that do work. To break from old bad habits (our comfort zone). To break free and accept our next challenges. The world has changed. We must adapt to the present and the evolving future environment. We must adapt and work within nature's changes





108 Tekki Shodans 

It's as EZ as 123


Join us in beautiful Manhattan Beach 


If you can't join us, then find a location or organize your own event. Hopefully this will inspire others to join in. If you have students on vacation, then have them participate by practicing wherever they are. This will expand the scope of this great event.

or Three

 If you can't join us, if you can't find a location, and are unable to organize a location, then participate wherever you happen to be.

Please send us a photograph of you solo or your group event. We will post it. We hope it will inspire others to join the following year.

From our first event  we had congratulations & support from across the country and around the world. Those that participated have inspired and motivated others for the New Year.  




 Reasons to go.

1) Recharge your Karate Spirit.

2) See Old Friends.

3) Make New Friends.

4) Help Rebuild our Organization.

5) It's at 11:30am Allowing you to Sleep in. Also Giving you the rest of the Day to enjoy the Great Weather in a Great Place. Bring your bike we have the best seaside bike and walking path in the Country.

6). It's a Great Hangover cure from the Night before.

7) It's going to a Beautiful 60 Degree  Beach Day.

8) You can Make Up not doing Tekki Sho dan Twice a Day.

9) Support a Club that is Working 24/7 to spread Traditional Karate.

10) It's the Hottest Ticket in Town!

11) Gasoline is only $2.49 a gallon.


Reasons why it's the Best Day to Have an Event

1) It's day with the least amount of Traffic.

2) Most people are off that day.

3) It's the First Day of the Year - Time to Really Create Change.




  Reasons why it's the Best Place to Have the Event

1) Clean & Safe  Beach Side Environment.

2) Plenty of Free, Safe Parking.

3) Warm & Friendly small town.

4) 8 Minutes from LAX.

5) Lots to see and do.

6) The Ideal Location to hold a National or even an International Event.

7) Lodging in all price ranges.

8) Manhattan Beach is the best Kept Secret in Los Angeles. It is the best of the best in all respects. We've hosted many national & international guests. They now make it a point of returning. 







The Number is an Ancient Eastern Culture Scared Number


The New Year

is a Time of Great Significance




the Traditional Method of Training One's Mind Body & Spirit.




We are Combining 108 with the New Year & Kata for a very Special New Year Celebration Class










Club Long Sleeved Club T-Shirt $35 ea


Heian or Tekki Series T-Shirt $25 ea

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If you don't know the Kata ask a senior student to help you.


If you have have no one to help you, then here's a chart.

If you can't follow charts here's a video.



just show up & follow along, by the end of the class (approx. 75 minutes) you'll know it.






Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate

12th Annual Special Winter Training

January 11th - 16th, 

6:00 - 7:00am

Monday - Saturday


Click the Link

Longfellow Studio


From Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate in attendance are Lisa, Satsuki, Tom, Tony & myself

That's me hitting the makiwara in the opening scene.




* We did it!

January 1st 2011

10:00am - 11:15am

108 Tekki Sho dans*

Manhattan Beach Karate 1st Annual 

New Years Day Challenge


L to R Dexter, *Olene, Matthew M., Miles, Donna, Ben, Eliza, Alex, Micah, JD,* Sean, Kellen, Nathan, Chloe & me. = 15

*Valley Traditional Karate Dojo

American Martyrs Gym

Manhattan Beach, California


Hope to see you next year!

Happy New Year!

and the year after that and the year after that!


We received congratulations from across the country and around the world. Those that participated have inspired and motivated many for the new year.