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Updated 5/14/2015



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Not familiar with Iyengar Yoga?



please explore the link


 Mr Iyengar



 Mr Iyengar



 Mr Iyengar




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Private and Semi Private Yoga Classes & Pricing


Manhattan Beach Karate & Yoga

3207 Manhattan Ave.

Hermosa Beach, Ca., USA


310 467 4723





Semi Private Yoga Classes

 $140 per month.


One class per week.

5 students per class max.


Once these classes are filled they are closed off.

to join or to rejoin you must commit to 3 months paid in advance. 

~ ~ ~

We can start a class for you and your friends.

The time and day that best fits your busy schedule! 





Private Yoga Class

$120 per session.


to join or to rejoin you must commit to 3 months paid in advance. 





 We have the ability to add classes to best fit your schedule. 

Reserve your best time slot now!