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(we were honored many times with Mr. & Mrs. Nishiyama sensei & Ms. Aiko)


He began his Karate practice in 1971 at the age of 10 in Glendale, California.

He began his instruction first with Robert Hummer and later Enzo Ortega. Later on I realized that the persona I felt on the floor back then was actually that of sensei. I feel that my early classes were actually with sensei as he taught in 1971. It was all hardcore.


For almost 30 years From 1981 to the last class held at Central Dojo August 31st 2008 he has been a fixture at Central Dojo under the guidance of Hidetaka Nishiyama.

Only a couple and maybe only a few have spent more floor time with sensei.

He served his teaching apprenticeship in Palos Verdes Estates, California, teaching for 3 years at Peninsula Karate Club for John Habura, ending in 1995. This time included summer Karate programs at prestigious Chadwick Prep and Rolling Hills Prep.

In 1997 he founded Manhattan Beach Karate

Now the real work begins with the founding of Manhattan Beach Traditional Shotokan Karate Laboratory.


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The Last ITKF Summer Camp taught by Master Nishiyama July 2007

June 3rd, 2013


Nishiyama Sensei

Mike O Malley

Aric Levin

Reuvin Sharif

Ni Dan Exam - Central Dojo


Nick Salcedo, Nishiyama sensei, Taichiro Kaijima, Vern Vaden, James Yabe, Falah Kinani, Richard Kagayama, Ron Vance, Wanda, Moshe Rokah

Taichero Kaijima 


One of my 3 Trips to Nationals in Atlanta

Daniel Iwanek

ITKF Goodwill Tournament 2008

Surrounded by Greatness


There are no less than 8 World Champions in this pic.

USA, Poland, Italy, Argentina & Israel

Photo by Chris Mance of South Africa



US Nationals Fukugo Finals w/ Barry Power



US Nationals Team Kumite


Chinzo Machida





AAKF Western Regionals

 Kumite match with Aric Levin

 (this was a true "Ai-uchi")



AAKF Winter Training

at NKI

(Central Dojo)

AAKF U.S. Nationals - Atlanta Georgia

The Last Class at CENTRAL DOJO

August 31st 2008

ITKF International Summer Camp - La Jolla, U.S.A. - Beach Training

Meeting up with Brad Webb - (JKA Dallas Texas)

photo by Chris Mance - (South Africa ITKF)








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Vintage Karate History

Vintage - 7th Kyu Certificate (Orange Belt) January 1972 

He entered his first tournament soon after (1971) in Burbank, California. It was at Burbank High School on Glenoaks Blvd. In the next ring over was the Urquidez Brothers (Brown Belts), I think they were about 16 or so at the time. (they were intense!).

I also remember seeing an adult from our dojo (Robert Hummer's Dojo) wearing a lower level belt, I remember thinking "wow what a cheap way to win a bright shinny trophy".




Here he is (Vern to the left of Nishiyama sensei & Enzo to the right) drenched in sweat after a great Noon Class at "Central Dojo" with Nishiyama sensei - 1981

Enzo Ortega - a senior student of Nishiyama sensei (70's and very early 80's, now settled in Western Springs, Chicago, Ill, and is actively teaching).

My membership Card from Enzo's first Dojo - 1974 - if you have photos from Glendale please submit. Enzo is on the cover Nishiyama sensei's "Samurai" magazine with Steve Yubal posed in front of the LA Sports Arena, where the worlds first International Karate tournament was held.

Samurai Magazine 1974

James Fields - Santa Monica, Enzo Ortega -  Chicago /  Western Springs (My sensei before I went to sensei  - if you are ever in Chicago you must look him up) & Paul Bukus - (retired proffessor Vancouver University) - Canada

This Magazine was produced by sensei. It lasted for for a few issues.



A newspaper ad from Enzo's last Glendale Dojo 1981 - Enzo was and will always be a hardcore no nonsense instructor. You must make a point of looking him up. He is settled in Western Springs/ Chicago, Ill.

Just as Rokah sensei did, Enzo was before him in that after training with sensei at Central Dojo, Enzo would invite students to come train with him at his Glendale Dojo. One day he brought Toru Shimoji fresh from Hawaii. This Glendale location is where I first met Shimoji sensei (at the time he was a brown belt). I also vividly remember when Shimoji sensei made sho dan. I shook his hand (at this Glendale location) to congratulate him. Enzo taught hardcore no nonsense karate and also karate etiquette, that I pass on to my students.

In 1981 Central Dojo had caught on fire. While it was getting repaired Nishiyama sensei held classes at Enzo's San Fernando road Dojo in Glendale. This was the first time I saw sensei and the first time I met Tom Shimoto. Dr. Shimoto pointed sensei out to me and said that he (sensei) was the best instructor in the world.

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Vintage Palos Verdes Estates Karate History

As part of offering the best! - We put together seminars - This one taught by Susan Vance, Tati Eugino - AAKF Board, Penny Ringwood - Playa Vista

- Marina Karate, originally started by Ron Vance.

The Nashida's & Eddie

Traveling to Tournaments June 1995

 Street Fair - Yuta, Eddie & Rio - Rio took home Sugiyama senei's Kata book and taught himself all 25 Katas. Rio I hope you are still practicing.

 Ariel doing board breaking. If my students could break one I should be able to break two. Or so I thought. After two attempts (punching) all I heard was a thud. Last resort I kicked it, they broke. Someone has that on film.

 Peninsula Karate Founder John Habura

 ITKF Summer Camp - This was the first day that sensei stopped teaching the beach training and held Master's Coarse in the Gym - Sensie Fasaro taught the beach class. We were the only 3, I remember his class. I liked the detail he was teaching.

Peninsula Karate students Ann & Yoko

 Top student David - His attitude made him number one. I remember his father interviewing me before he started. (notice Paul Lemetti left, MB attorney Alex background). All testing was done by Nishiyama sensei.

My nephew Eddie being tested by Nishiyama sensei for 5th Kyu - When Eddie was 4th Kyu, and I was teaching many classes including summer programs, we traveled, did classes and taught. Eddie was, very, very good! He had just started to take off!


Eddie's daughter Jordan - 4th Generation Karateka

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Hidetaka Nishiyama
H. Nishiyama, c. 2007
Born (1928-10-10)October 10, 1928
Tokyo, Japan
Died November 7, 2008(2008-11-07) (aged 80)
Los Angeles, California, US
Lung cancer
Style Shotokan Karate, Kendo
Teacher(s) Gichin Funakoshi, Gigō Funakoshi, Moorio Mochida
Rank 10th dan karate (ISKA, ITKF), 3rd dan kendo
Spouse Yohko Nishiyama
Children Yumi Nishiyama, Amy Nishiyama, Nami Nishiyama
Notable students Hiroshi Shirai, Takeshi Oishi, James Yabe, Vern Vaden, Susan Vance, Avi Rokah, Nicolas Salcedo, Tati Eugenio, Ron Vance


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The Tradition Continues . . .

The Future is Bright and has just started.


Quietly we build one brick at a time.

Like at "Central Dojo" you have your regulars.

You must always be a teacher and a student in order to keep on learning.

Like "Central Dojo" we have many visitors some local and some international.

I will write more about this . . .



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