Manhattan Beach
Traditional Shotokan Karate


Updated 12/17//2023


16th Annual

January 2024

Special Winter Training

January 8th - 13th

6:00am - 7:00am

Free - No Charge

Open to everyone including the parents.

Invite your friends.

The class will be catered to you.

The hardest part is not the class  . . . it's showing up.


Set the goal and accept the challenge.

Let us know if you plan to attend.

Traditional Shotokan Karate "Makiwara Training" at sunset.


this is our New Year's Resolutions event.

Time to rebuild your mind, body and spirit to carry you through the New Year.

If you can't make it during the week then please, please, please make sure to attend Saturday, January 13th 6:00am - 7:00am.

It will be the ONLY class of that day.

 Meanwhile our friends in Romania

Meanwhile in Japan









 Our 11th Annual

Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate

 "Special Winter Training"





Kangeiko is a tradition in budo whereby people start the new year by practicing in the early morning cold for a few days. It's wonderful and energizing to start the new year by doing something you love!


January 8th - 13th

Monday - Saturday

6:00am - 7:00am

Longfellow Studio



That's me hitting the makiwara in the opening scene.



 The Last "Special Winter Training" taught by Nishiyama sensei

January 2008

Nishiyama's sensei's Hombu Dojo

 In attendance from Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate are Lisa, Satsuki, Tom, Tony & myself.






Don't have a Gi? No Problem! - Wear Exercise Type Clothes  Bring a Hoodie


Can't make it all six days? do five! Can't make it five days? do four. Can't do four? do three! Can't do three? do two! Cant't do two? do one! Can't make it Monday through Friday due to work then do Saturday.

Can't make it this year . . . then please next year!


Not sure till the last minute if you can make it or not? Then just show up!




Previous Years






 We hope there will be more locations as to allow more to participate. Host a "Special Winter Training" allow more to particapte during the week. Then everyone converge into one or a couple of main locations. Greater participation through greater accesability. Continue to pass on & grow the Tradition.



Special Winter Training

Central Dojo


Saturday's Class


Central Dojo "Special Winter Training" Memory
During Winter Training Week, just before one of the Advanced, night class was going to start. There were only a couple of us on the floor. Sensei was standing in the corner near the large front window. He was rubbing his hands warming up, he was loosening up, his hair was not as perfectly combed as it would be in the early morning class. He gave a little yawn and said "nobody show up? what's the point?" He gave the short laugh and smirk/ smile (you know the one).He was referring to that "Winter Special Training was not to replace our regular training with the early morning training. But it was to add to our regular training. I learned how "Special it all was. Imaging he had been to everyone since 1961and taught classes, plus the ones when he was in Japan. Continue to pass on and grow the Tradition.
If you have a story to tell please share.
More to follow. . . .




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Monday January 11th, -

Sepulveda Studio

6:00 - 7:00am

Tom, Eliza, Jordan R. & Curtis - We had a 33.33% increase in attendance over last year. We'll shot for 10 next year (150%).



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Tuesday January 12th -

 Sepulveda Studio

Basic warm up, Sochin (fudo dachi) stance intro, Sochin Kata. Connection & Timing drill.



Wednesday January 13th -Sepulveda Studio

Basic warm up, Sochin (fudo dachi) stance intro, Sochin Kata. 


Thursday January 14th -

Sepulveda Studio

Basic warm up, Sochin (fudo dachi) stance intro, Sochin Kata. Connection & Timing drill.


Friday January 15th -

Saturday January 16th - TBA



Sepulveda Studio





January 2010

Monday - Saturday 6 - 7AM

 Jan. 11th - 16th

Our second annual Winter Training. Last Year in our first year we had 3 people participate (Tom, Jacob & Eliza). Plan to attend this Traditional Karate Event. Help make this a bigger year!




$25 per class


$100 for the full 6 days

We have 4 persons signed up so far! Step and be number 5!

Plus we'll have 3 part timers.

Monday's Class will be at the studio

 the rest of the week the location to be announced.

For the week or a day or two, if you can make please join us.

Suprise us and just show up! 



Use this page to keep up to date with the days activites.

To see photos and for the location for the next day's Winter Training Class








January 11th - 16th

6am to 7am

6/days - mon - sat





 Sign up now!

January 11th - 16th

6am to 7am

6/days - mon - sat

First class wiil be at the studio - How many people can you fit in a Volkswagon?


Winter training

has a long history in the

  Martial Arts.

A time of re birth & renewal.

A time to get back on track from the diversions of the past year.

Winter training is a time to get back into shape . . . mentally, physically and to strengthen your spirit to carry you through the New Year!

Sign up now!

If you miss this year . . . you'll have to wait till next year!

 Beginner beginners welcomed, no experience necessary!

Good old fashioned Karate Training!

Bring a friend & partner up!