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This page shows our preparation for the tournament

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This page is our experience at the tournament


16th ITKF World Karate Championships

Lodz, Poland 2012

A Photo Essay




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Nicolas (Nick) Salcedo 

cell 310 467 4723 

Skype me @ Modermonk1

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ITKF World Championships


(Pronounced = "Woodge")


October 6th & 7th



February 7th, 2010 

Mr. & Mrs. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski - Vice President ITKF & President of the  Polish Federation Visits Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate



Very Similar with the Japanese Flag

Wow our Color Scheme is Very Similar with the Japanese & Polish Flag



When you are in Los Angeles Please make sure to come by and visit. We are just 12 minutes south of the Los Angeles International Airport.

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Info and Update Bulletin Board






Keep in mind we do Month, Day/Year/


They do Day/Month/ Year



My (Nick) Flight

Wednesday - 3rd

LAX 1:45pm Delta 9379 by KLM

Amsterdam (AMS) 8:55am

Delta 9280 by KLM Amsterdam (AMS) 2:25pm

Warsaw (WAW) 4:25pm


Return Monday - 8th

Delta 9523 by KLM

Warsaw (WAW) 12:40pm Amsterdam (AMS) 2:40pm

Amsterdam (AMS) 4:50pm

Minnapolis-St Paul (MSP) 7:15pm

Terminal 1

Minnapolis-St Paul (MSP) 9:31pm

Los Angeles (LAX) 11:17pm Terminal 5

There now seems to be a lot of activity now.

I've started to get glimpses of information from others as everyone is now rushing to unite.

Most if not all of the of the US Team will be staying at the Campanile Hotel.

Some of the other team members have been to Poland before.

Everyone is excited and very united.

Some are scrambling to get last minute info.

So I would like to  get a list of questions that people may have and maybe it will raise questions as   well.

1) What might we expect by way of weather?

2) Are currency exchange rates reasonable at the airport?

3) What about SIM card for cell phones/ wifi etc?

4) What about outlet plugs for recharging devices?

5) Transportation from airport to train (to Lodz). Hours of operation and cost. (also for the return).

6) Transportation from airport to Lodz - What are the hours of operation and cost. (also for the return).

7) We need to know when and where we will all be.

8) We need to be able to contact each other and stay informed, updated etc. . .

Same questions may apply as we exit out and back.

Well this is a start I'm sure questions and answers will arise. 

 Thank You! 



5) From Fryderyk Chopin Airport. Bus line 175 heading to Warszawa-Centralna railstation. Bus stop name Dworzec Centralny, 25 to 30 minutes. 2.80PLN less than $3U.S. Bus runs from 4:57am to 11:26pm every 8-10 minutes. Line N32 from 11:10pm to 4:52am. Keep in mind there may be no connection from Warszawa to Lodz at night.

"Route Planner" Train Timetable

At Warszawa Centralna railstation to Lodz Fabryczna or Lodz Kaliska (2 stops).

Lodz Fabryczna is central to Campanile Hotel, Andel's Hotel and the Atlas Arena.

Just need to verify the train is running and find the timetable. I was able to get a timetable for the station before Fabryczn - "Widzew". So input Warszawa (Warsaw) Centralna (Central Station) and Widzew.

Widzew comes first, Fabryczna is next but seems to be not operating, Kaliska  is next and very close to Atlas Arena. 

If you click "Tariff" you will get the cost. Divide by about 3.2. Click "Show Intermediate Stops" and you will get the stops along the way. 

2 Trains

"Cheap" train 33.30PLN about $10U.S.

InterRegio 26PLN about $8U.S.

InterRegio is cheaper but runs less frequently than so called "cheap" fast trains. 

McDonald's Locations in Lodz




A relatively recent phenomena, rickshaws were first introduced to Łódź in 1993 and today you’ll find over a hundred pedaling breathlessly up and down ulica Piotrkowska. Most will operate on a fixed fee basis – any journey, whether it be from one end of the 4km street to the other, or just a short one minute trip, will cost 4zł (6zł for two people), though that will not stop enterprising drivers from trying to take advantage of foreign accents. To save on embarrassing situations it’s recommended to agree on a price before hopping on board.  


#1 Manufaktura

 #2 Piotrkowska Street 


ATT iPhone 

Call Att at 1 877 707 9201 

Phone - $6.00 per month International Calling plan.

$2.89 without plan - $1.99 per minute with plan. Turn off voice mail so you don't get charged for Voice Mail calls, (spam calls etc . . .).


Data - International Plan - $30 per month 120 MB 

$60 for 300MB

Use Wifi no charge - Hotel, Restaurant etc. . .

With as many people as are going to be at the Area ITFK should buy Wifi.

Text  - International Plan - $10 per month for up to

50 texts $50 up to 500 

Police 997

Fire 998

Paramedics 999

Europe Standard

You'll need an adapter to be able to plug in your devices. Poland uses Standard European Outlets.

About $3.00 - $19.00

You only need an adapter. The white box on the iphone wall charger has a built-in converter. You can read the very fine print on the box: 100-240V - Europe is 220V so you are fine.



Poland’s VAT is calculated at three levels: zero (books, press, some basic food products); 7% (most food); and 22% (fine food, hotels, restaurants, petrol, luxury items).

The tax is normally included in the advertised price of goods and services.  




 Pierogi, Cabbage Roll, Hunter's Stew & Sausage 

 Paczki (parchkey) 


Dwa (dva) Piwo (Pea Vo) Prosze (Pro shea)

= 2 Beers Please

1 Jeden (Yehdehn) - 2 Dwa (Dvah) - 3 Trzy (Tshi)

4 - Cztery (Chtehri) - 5 Piec (Pyehntsh)

6 Szesc (Shehsytsh) 

7 Siedem (Syehdehm) - 8 Osiem (Ohsyehm)

9 Dziewiec (Dzhehyvehntsh)

10 Dziesiec (Dzhehsyehntsh)

Counting Higher Numbers is like in Japanese









Time  - They are 9 Hours ahead of us at PST.

Warsaw to Lodz - Is about 2 hours away drive time. There is a bus from the Frederic Chopin International Airport to the train station (about 3 zloty). Then the train from Warsaw to Lodz.

Weather - Average Day Time Temprature is 66 degrees F. Be prepared for very cold.

Polish Zloty (zwo ti) -   $1 U.S. Dollar = aprox. 3.2 Zloty (PLN)


Click Photo to Enlarge

100 Groszy = 1 Zloty or PLN

"We write" 3.25 They write 3,25 So don't let the comma freak you out. A Big Mac Value meal is not 12,999 Zloty it's 12.99 = about $6.24U.S.



Basic Polish Vocabulary Necessary for Survival


Click the Link

Hi = Czesc = Sounds like - cheshch


Click to hear the Pronunciation of Polish Words



The Kaliska Train Stop will Drop you of at the

  Atlas Arena


Notice they are using mats. Notice which way is shomen. Notice the 2 "jumbo screens" we have talked about for years.


Daniel Iwanek & I

Fukugo Competition - ITKF Goodwill Tournament 2008




After Recently Making Sho dan.

Now 3 months learning a new kata (Ni jyu shi ho) & Kitei. 



 Children's European Cup Demonstration



A First Time Practice for the 3

(Lodz, Poland)

Missouri, California & Atlanta






Her first Kyu Exam with Nishiyama Sensei

1st US Nationals - Atlanta Georgia

Ellen, David Rokah (Avi Rokah Sensei's son)  Max




US Nationals 2012


Makiwari Training

MB Dojo Tournament 


Dojo Tournament at Rokah Sensei's Dojo 



US Nationals 2012


Seminar with Rokah Sensei & Shimogi Sensei 




US National 2012 


Special Class with Shiri 2011 






 Ellen's First Tournament




 andel's Hotel 

Lodz, Poland

about $130 U.S. 





About $130US per night























* 3rd Annual 

108 Tekki Shodans  


 New Year's Challenge


New Year's Day

Open to All 

 January 1st, 2013

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Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate

5th Annual Special Winter Training

January 7th - 12th, 

6:00 - 7:00am

Monday - Saturday


Click the Link

Longfellow Studio



From Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate in attendance are Lisa, Satsuki, Tom, Tony & myself

That's me hitting the makiwara in the opening scene.



February 2013

Pando, Uruguay S.A.






Meet me in St Louis

~ ~ ~

 52nd AAKF US National Traditional Karate Championships

June 19th - June 22nd  


Barry Power

World Championships - Lodz, Poland October, 2012 

 Darrell Power

World Championships - Lodz, Poland October, 2012

The Power Brothers Welcome You!






ITKF Traditional Karate Pan American Championships



November 15th & 16th






ITKF World Cup


Dojo Stara Wies, Poland




17th ITKF World Traditional Karate Championships








Presenting the proposal to host the 17th ITKF World Championships 2014

at Dojo Stara Wies, Poland October 2012

 The Responsibility of the ITKF Traditional Karate Championships is handed over from Poland to Egypt 


A different country. The same Traditional Karate Spirit (as you can tell from the photo)! 




Nishiyama's Traditional Karate is Universal Without Boarders with only One Mission.

Welcome to the Official Unofficial 2012

51st AAKF US Nationals & 2nd Jr Nationals Web Page


2012 AAKF U.S. Nationals


 Jr Nationals





Welcome to Manhattan Beach 

& Hermosa Beach


L. A.'s

Best Kept Secret!





Click Here   AAKF US Jr Nationals Official RULES  


 1) 6 to 8 yrs old

2) 9 to 11 yrs old

3) 12 & 13 yrs old

4) 14 - 17 yrs old

So you are either Class A, B, C or D

and in Group 1, 2, 3 or 4 according to your age.




Class A

1st & 2nd Kyu

2nd & 3rd Level Brown Belts


Class B

3rd & 4th Kyu

1st Level Brown & Purple Belts

Class C

5th & 6th Kyu

Blue & Green Belts

Class D

7th & 8th Kyu

Orange & Yellow Belts


Official Video 




Our first Kyu Exam conducted by Nishiyama Sensei. 3 of these white belts will be competing as Brown Belts this weekend.



Eliza as a Green Belt. She will be competing as a Brown Belt this weekend.


Thursday June 14th, 2012 a typical Manhattan Beach Day. We are only 12 minutes away (South) from the tournament. Before you go back you MUST make it down here. You will then learn why our international Karate friends always make it point to come visit.


Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski 7th Dan (right - with Nelson Carrion left) received a medal from the Japanese Government in Japan for his contribution in spreading Japanese culture, for his efforts in the ITKF. A banquet was held Today, June 14th, 2012, in Poland to celebrate his award.





Kanani Sensei 6th Dan - JKA San Diego - 51st AAKF US Nationals Seminar. June 14th, 2012


Brad Webb - Dallas (Richardson), Texas -  Local, Regional, National & International Champion giving 2 thumbs up (A double LIKE if you will). June 14th, 2012, 52nd AAKF US Nationals Seminar




 Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate

 Team Roster

2012 AAKF U.S. Nationals

3 Gold Medals - 2 Silver Medals - 6 Bronze Medals

Way to go Team!!!

Name M/F Group Rank  Age
1)  Ellen R Registered F A-4 1st Kyu 16 
2)  Eliza D Registered F A-3 1st Kyu 12 
3)  Ben C Registered M A-3 2nd Kyu 12 
4)  Miles C Registered M A-3 2nd Kyu 12
5)  Alex P Registered M B-4 3rd kyu 14

Name M/F Group  Rank Age 
6)  Zach P Registered M C-1  6th Kyu
7)  Lucas S Registered M D-1  7th Kyu  6
8) Roxanne F  Registered F D-1  7th Kyu  7
9) Jordan L Registered F D-1  8th Kyu 7
10) Max S Registered M D-1 7th Kyu  7

Name M/F Group  Rank Age 
11) Michael D Registered M D-1  7th Kyu   7
12) Nathan B Registered M D-1 7th Kyu
13) JJ C Registered M D-1 7th Kyu  8
14) AJ C Registered M D-1 7th Kyu
15) Luke F Registered M D-1 7th Kyu 8

Name M/F Group  Rank  Age
16) Ben H Registered M D-1 8th Kyu   
17) Chloe B Registered F D-2 7th Kyu 10
18) Alex B Registered M D-2 7th Kyu 10 
19) Sophie D Registered D-3   8th Kyu 13

20) Nick Salcedo - Ni Dan


Men's Kata Men's Fukugo Men's Kogo Kumite Men's Kumite

 Thumbnail Photos Click to Enlarge 


Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate Members listed in BLUE

1st - Max S.

 2nd Nicholas De L.

3rd - Michael D.


 1st Airi G.

2nd Angela E. 

3rd Chloe B.


Presenting Medals Champion Taichiro Kaijima

1st JJ C.

2nd Duncan S. 

3rd Nathan B.



Presenting Medals Champion Amy Sperling

1st Isaiah B.

2nd Quentin G.

3rd Alex B.


Presenting Medals Champion Susan Vance 

1st Isean B.

2nd Theodore K.

3rd Luke F. 

 1st Allison P. (Mo.) 
2nd Ellen R.
3rd Hayley L. (NY) 

 1st Eliza

2nd Kyle H.

3rd Miles C. 


 1st Alayna M.

2nd Davit M. 

3rd Ben C.



This photo is so interesting in that the spectators are so captivated!

How many champions can you spot in this pic? 

Kogo Kumite

 Left Side Shiro - Right Aka

Shiro initate (Gyakuzaki Chudan) - Aka respond with block (Gedanbarri)

and counter (Gyakuzki Chudan) using left hand to suppress Shiro's Gyakuzuki and to over extend with Kizamizuki (leaving an opening) - Shiro escape   and counter (Kizamizuki Jodan) - Aka escape  and counter (Gyakuzuki Chudan) = Sasoiwaza (with double Go no sen).


 Practice Good Control & You Will Have Good Control!